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Join us for a private wine tour with our French guide! With the wealth of 12 years experience as a winemaker in South Africa, Mathieu will show you the richness of this region and the subtlety of its wines.

During this tour, you will be learning:
• The historical part of South Africa
• The growing cycle of a vine
• The wine making process of all styles of wines (White, Red, Rosé and Sparkling)
• The different wine tasting steps
• Better understanding the differences between all the different tasted wines

What to expect on the day:
• Pick-up at your accomodation at 9/9:30am and heading out to the first winery in Stellenbosch
• 12:30pm: South African lunch at the restaurant terrace with a magnificient view of
the Moutain of Paarl.
• After Lunch: Visit of two other wineries in two different regions (Paarl, Wellington,
• Return to your accomodation at around 18:30pm.



After a tour with us, you will be able to understand better the difference between the wine range, the region, but mostly you will find your own taste, which style of wine to you like and why. Therefore you will feel more confortable to order wine at any places.

Options of Wine Tours:

1 | Winelands Tour :

A complete overview; from the history, the wine making process, to the wine tasting steps.
Cellar and barrels room tour.
Spend the day with the wine maker and ask him all the questions you always wanted to ask.

2 | Organic & Biodynamic Tour :

Can environment practices be applied to all the vineyards?
Taste less sulfur added wines!
Enjoy fine South African specialities during a picnic between the vines (homemade according to your diet).

3 | Off The Beaten Track :

Meet the new viticulturist generation.
Taste traditional wines and also a-typical wines made out of unusual/less known grape varieties.
Discover wineries which are not open to the public.
Booking a week in advance is essential.

4 | Prestige Tour :

Discover exclusive Wine Estates.
Enjoy a fine food and wine pairing.
Taste premium white, red and methode cap classique wines.
Be part of the few who are allowed to visit these wineries!

After a tour with us, you will be able to better understand the differences between the wine ranges and regions, but mostly, you will find your own taste, which style of wine you like and why? With this knowlegde you will feel more comfortable to order wines where ever you are!

5 | Family Vineyard Tour :

Take part in the life of a winemaker.
Personally meet the winemaker of the estate and ask him all your deeper questions.
Share a lunch accompanied by wine, with the winemaker.
Learn what it is to be the fifth viticulturist generation.
Booking a week in advance is essential.

6 | Methode Cap Classique Tour :

A specialized tour dedicated to the Methode Cap Classique wines.
The entire process will be explained in detail.
Understand the differences between Champagne and other “Sparkling” wines.

7 | Create Your Own Tour

Having already tasted South African wines, with a need to visit a particular estate.
You already have an idea of your own ideal tour in the winelands and would like for us to make it happen for you.
It’s not your first time; with the need to go to an estate you are already familiar with and taste the new vintages on offer.